Dune HD will showcase its advanced line of new IPTV-ready hybrid universal media players …

Dune HD will showcase its advanced line of new IPTV-ready hybrid universal media players including the new TV-301 model at IP&TV World Forum in London
Konstantin Dyshlevoy

Dune HD will exhibit it’s latest IPTV-products at the upcoming IP&TV World Forum in London (UK) at the Olympia Exhibition Centre this week, March 20th to March 22nd. Konstantin Dyshlevoy PH.D, CEO & President, Dune HD GmbH, will be one of the speakers at the conference. His speech on March 22nd, 2.50 pm, will be related to the convergence of STB and media player markets. Dune HD will display the latest products on Stand 36.

Dune HD will showcase its advanced line of new IPTV-ready hybrid universal media players including the new TV-301 model. Optimized to play back high definition video up to 1080p resolution, the Dune HD TV-301 can be used by IPTV, OTT and VOD providers for specialized set-top box (STB) applications to deliver digital TV services over the Internet. The Dune HD TV-301 will offer Gigabit-LAN and USB 3.0. It will be available across Europe in two weeks.

The main topic of Konstantin Dyshlevoy speech is the monetisation opportunities through media players and the convergence of STBs and media players to open new opportunities for operators. Furthermore he will talk about new end-user trends in digital media player adapter (DMA)/STB hybrid devices, existing media player users as a ready-to-go customer base, and will demonstrate new ways to generate significant additional profit from comprehensive lines of end-user products by using retail channels to lower IPTV/VOD project expenses.

About IP&TV World Forum
The IP&TV World Forum is the leading event on Hybrid, IP and Connected TV devices and trends. The forum is unique in uniting the varied players in the broadcast landscape to advance the opportunities presented by IP delivery. The event brings together broadcasters from a wide variety of platform backgrounds – smart TV, OTT, cable, satellite, terrestrial, and telco-to-network, compare experiences and brainstorm solutions. The conference is incredibly rich in service provider case studies: not only did 180 different service providers present in 2011, but the conference attendance was over 50% service provider companies, providing a uniquely high value networking experience.

About Dune HD

Dune HD represents the latest line of hybrid media products, which combine broad IPTV/VOD support with excellent DMA (Digital Media Adapter) functionality. The wide model range from low-cost compact set-top-box designs to high-grade universal media players with internal hard drive and DVD/BD drive allows content and service operators to choose the solution corresponding to their needs. This carefully designed line of digital media players offers superior quality HD video and audio with support for IPTV, VOD, networked digital files and all possible interactive services. This unique combination of home media centre combined with an IPTV HD set-top-box in a single unit, allows every operator to become a leader in their market by fully covering of all the services, requested by end-users.


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