ems4you: The right place to look for your EMS-Studio

ems4you: The right place to look for your EMS-Studio
ems4you – the right place to look for your EMS-studio

Munich, Germany, April 12th, 2012

EMS-training (EMS = electro muscle stimulation) is currently the most effective method for fitness-training. Therefore it’s no surprise that the number of EMS-studios is growing dramatically. This is very nice, since it gives more and more people the opportunity for EMS-training, makes it easier to find an EMS-studio nearby, and the prices for training probably drop step by step.

Nevertheless, more choices also mean that it’s more difficult to find the right studio. EMS is not the same as EMS: Some studios are only run by cosmetic professionals, others by real fitness trainers. In some studios you train alone, in others you train in a group. In some studios you have your personal trainer, in others not. So, where to find the right studio for you?

Finally there’s an answer: ems4you is the first independent portal for EMS-training in the web, which lists all EMS-studios in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. This gives the customer the orientation required to find the studio, which is matching his expectations. That way, ems4you will also increase the quality level of EMS-training in general, since the studios become comparable.

ems4YOU is an independent web-portal listing all EMS-studios (EMS = electro muscle stimulation) in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Johannes Biedermann
Breisacher Str. 15
81667 Munich
+49 89 12139609

Quelle: pr-gateway.de

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