Signature Series S10: Antec is raising the bar for computer housings in terms of materials, manufacturing and design

Antec is presenting the most high-end housing ever released by the Californian specialist for computer hardware. The new Signature series is raising the bar for computer housings in terms of manufacturing quality, design and technology.

Signature Series S10: Antec is raising the bar for computer housings in terms of materials, manufacturing and design

Rotterdam, the Netherlands, June 1st 2015 – Antec is presenting the new S10, an extravagant premium tower and the first product of the all-new Signature series, meant to take the computer housings market by storm. Antec is taking the process of designing a computer housing to a whole new level, for example with the careful choice of high-class materials like brushed Aluminium for the side panels or the application of revolutionary new techniques like the sophisticated three chambered chassis for optimum heat management. Having won the specialists from Astro as design partners, the S10 made by Antec is not only outstanding in appearance but also a highly complex yet functional device.

“We engaged with Astro to help us create a living, functional piece of art,” says Antec General Manager Frank Lee. “The Signature Series is meant to be an inspiration for creation. Every computer can be a foundation to create the most insightful technologies and beautiful works of art, and we felt the series should embody that spirit.”

Revolutionary three chambered chassis provides excellent air circulation
The three chambered chassis provides a revolutionary solution for channelling and transferring hot air out of the cabinet while producing only a minimum of noise. The housing offers exclusive compartments for the drives, the power supply and the mainboard to prevent the single components from heating up each other. All compartments are connected via an innovative airlock equipped with fine-meshed, washable air filters. This design concept enables the ventilating fans to dismiss heat efficiently from the top downwards of the housing, making the S10 not only stay perfectly cool but noiseless as well.

Noiseless cooling thanks to centrally aligned air circulation channel
The Signature Series S10 is equipped with a total of seven ventilating fans. Two 140-mm fans and four 120-mm fans are taking care of cooling the mainboard compartment. One 120-mm fan is ventilating the compartment for the drives and one additional fan can be installed to help cooling the power supply compartment. The mounts of the ventilating fans can be detached to make installation as easy and convenient as possible. Thanks to the central air circulation channel, all the components will stay cool with hardly any noticeable work of the ventilating fans. Alternatively, the S10 can be equipped with up to three water-cooling systems. The housing offers enough space for radiators of 120mm, 280mm and 360mm. By using the six rubberised tubes, a clean and organised cable management is possible, further optimising the air circulation within the cabinet.

“We redesigned how air flows inside the case by isolating components based on their heat generation,” said Product Development Director Han Liu. “By moving core components around, we increased airflow while effectively managing the system”s heat. This dramatically lowered its energy use, making the Signature Series quieter and more environmentally friendly.”

Top gaming performance with up to four graphics cards in SLI-mode
The S10 Tower features ten expansion slots and is compatible with the mainboard formats SSI CEB, E-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX and Mini-ATX. Up to four graphic cards with a maximum length of 330mm can be operated simultaneously in SLI-mode to offer enough performance for even the most demanding gaming setups. The oversized CPU opening (219mm x 149mm) grants easy access for installing additional high-class heat sinks. In the compartment for the drives and the power supply, up to eight 2.5″ SSDs und six 3.5″ HDDs can be installed to prevent shortage of memory capacity once and for all. The chambers for the drives have been processed with silicon to neutralise vibrations; installation of a hard disk is a matter of minutes and does not need any tools at all. The I/O panel at the top of the housing is equipped with four USB 3.0 ports to guarantee highest transmission rates to and from external devices. A shortened 5.25″ chamber is available to additionally install controls for the ventilating fans, a card reader or other devices.

The extravagant and high-class debutant of Antecs Signature series will be available in stores July 2015 at a MSRP of 399.99 GBP/549 EUR including VAT.

About Antec
For 29 years, Antec, Inc. has been the global leader in high-performance computer components and accessories for the gaming, PC upgrade and Do-It-Yourself markets, being the pioneer and market leader for quiet, efficient and innovative products such as the P280 and SOLO II enclosures as well as for their award-winning PSUs having the lowest returns in the industry. Antec continues to further the industry with performance-rich enclosures, efficient power supplies, reliable cooling components, the cutting-edge Antec Advance accessories line, and the Antec Mobile Products (A.M.P). Founded in 1986, Antec is headquartered in Fremont, California, with additional offices in Netherlands, Germany, China and Taiwan.

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